Story of Ooops and Dag

A small boy came into this world, on such and such day and year.He had loving and caring parents. His mother was a very devout lady. Very religious, she would attend all the bhajans and kirtans in the neighbourhoud. And our Oops went along with her, with her pallu firmly inside his sweaty palm. Initially, he went for the sweetmeats, which the even sweeter aunty would thrust into his tiny mouth. But gradually as our OOopy boy began to grow so did his devoutness. He became a good, god fearing child.

But the odd man out in the family was his father, who was a hardcore athiest. OOoppy felt very bad about this. Caring for the well being of his father’s soul, he began to scheming of how to show him the religious path.

Opportunity came when family friends proposed a vacation to Jai Matadi mountain. OOpy used every tactic in a child’s arsenal to convince his papa to take them. Now papa thought, well, it’s a hill station, they will do their pooja, and I’ll enjoy the weather. But when they returned from the hills, his father was a changed man.

Now even mummy seemed mellow with respect to him. Oopy was happy, seeing that his plan has worked. And when he saw a poster for a “Religion and Science” seminar, he eagerly conveyed it to his papa. And papa soon became an integral part of the cultish organisation. Although with good intentions, had some very weird ideas. Another posting on the organisation’s philosophy. But I have to bring to notice at least two of it;s keypoints:

if you are not married (read as virgin), do not change your status.

and you won’t eat in a house with married ppl in it.

Which brings us to his current situation. The grown up Ooops, the young man who is my dear friend, cannot marry. And if he does, his parents would not eat in his house. And being SHRAVANesque, he does not want that. Between the very horns of dilemma. Without the safety net of an arranged marriage; hoping against hope and flirting with any and every girl. Even though he knows he won’t marry eventually.

And opposite is the case of Dag (dog as pronounced by a bhhaiya). His parents had a love marriage, also his siters, and most of his cousins and uncles. Also devoid of the safety net, and desperately

Same problem statement, very opposite situations.

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