Sona* belt anyone??

My roomie is high again. We were watching the super hit show of home shopping brand. Skipping through channels if the current one died out. There always was always more coming. But everywhere they kept showing us “Sauna belt” and it’s amazing capabilities. My idiot roomie who is a little shy around his expanding waist, thought of calling the number and enquiring about it.

The number was (well is, as of 26 Aug 06) three zero three zero seven zero zero zero.(*)reason for this notation to be declared later).

It was around 1:30 and we had settled at VH1. Today is friday so it was Headbanger’s Ball going on .The kinda music on which moshes happen. So he declared he was gonna call and did.

roomie: “Achha humey sauna belt ke bare mein pata karna thha.”..
roomie:”hum powai area mein rehte hain”….”kya aap home delivery karte hain?”

me:”abe us se poochh ki gas khatm ho jaaye toh unde vagera ban sakte hain kya usme”

roomie:”achha humne dekha AD mein ki usme ande bhi bana sakte hain”
3zero30sevenzerozerozero:” ah,,,,….,,,,…”
roomie:”achcha iska price bataiye na.”
3zero30sevenzerozerozero:”ruk batata hoon price….. ” at which point my roomie gave the phone tu me
>(me)< "ek toh raat mein call karte ho ...dekh lo mere paas ye number aa gaya hai &*^&*^&^&*^*^*()&*()&*% *(^" and I cut the line.
When I told my roomie about his number being in his posession. And he being very angry about this.
He got scaarrred out of his balls. The guy who normally would shrink his nose everytime he saw us cooking some nonVeg, agreed my suggestion of changing his name. Getting plastic surgery done and leaving our country. To alaskan hilly jungles. Where the grissly hunts. There he could do what hyena in the serengetti does.
Chase beers. Wait for them to hunt. Then wait for them to fill their stomachs.
When the beers leave to doze of after a glass of honey. He would slowly approach the kill and suck the marrow out of each bone.

p.s. parts of this post are false and bear no resemblance to any incident nor person, animal aur a grass.
(*) = if the sauna belt people google there number and find this posting, then they will get to him. My roomie pointed this out to me and allowed me to put this post on only this condition.

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