Superior Steel White Scales 1


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This pen knife has a Carbon steel blade with Superior Steel branded on it. There is no other mark on the knife. The scales look like white bone, as even when sanded brown patches keep appearing. There is grain along the scale which makes me believe it is bone and not plastic. There is a slim chance that it is not bone, in that it could be celluloid an early generation plastic. The blade length is 7 cm and total length with blade open is 15.5 cm. With the blade closed it is 9 cm in length. It weighs about 30 grams.

It is optimized for both left and right handed use. Both sides have a bevels each. The tip of the blade is tapered and shows excellent workmanship. Please see close up of the tip. There is hole for a lanyard.

This knife is a slip joint knife meant for art/craft work or to take as a EDC (every day carry). It can be used to sharpen knives, cut strings and so on.


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