Penknife Buffalo Horn Scales Brass Bolsters


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This pen knife has a Carbon steel blade. The scales are buffalo horn. It has brass bolsters. The blade length is 6.5 cm and total length with blade open is 15 cm. With the blade closed it is 8.5 cm in length. It weighs about 35 grams.

It is optimized for both left and right handed use. Both sides are ground flat almost Tanto style. A very thin bevel is present at the edge which if chosen can be ground away. Flat ground Tanto style uses lots of steel upon grinding, and I have seen very few Indian knives which use this grinding. The tension of the slip joint lever is also quiet good. There is hole for a lanyard. The buffalo scales with the brass bolsters give this a very elegant look. There are small cracks present in the scales. Used carefully this will last a very long time even with these cracks.

This knife is a slip joint knife meant for art/craft work or to take as a EDC (every day carry). It can be used to sharpen knives, cut strings and so on.


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