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Liliput ERN Straight Razor, Made in Germany


ERN Liliput 2375, Made in Germany, Straight Razor for sale

Shaving Edge length: 5 cm
Shaving Edge breadth: 1.4cm
Folded Length: 13cm
Company: ERN
Make/Model: Liliput/2375
Bevel: Hollow ground
Pins on Scale: German Silver
Price: Rs 1850 including shipping

ERN started making straight razors in 1893. The Liliput model was in production between 1900 and 1920.

Since the blade is hollow ground, sharpening it is very easy. You do not need require expensive stones for sharpening. If stones are being used, please make sure that they are absolutely flat. Sandpaper or automotive polishing compound 2k/3k/4k, which are easily available, are enough.

Price is inclusive of shipping within India


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