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Indian Jointer Kanna 14.5 inches


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This was a slightly broken indian jointer plane when I started. The sole was broken at the front. A dovetail piece was inserted to make the sole whole. As is the matter with indian planes the wood where the slot starts was also broken. This made it difficult to secure blades tightly. This is where I got inspired by the japanese kanna planes and inserted a brass pin to secure the blade. I used a blade with a wooden wedge and it worked. One small issue was the wooden wedge developed a an impression where it met the brass pin. I was considering inserting a rectangular pin the next time.

Then I decided to try making a chio breaker. Found a decent quality tool steel. Cut it to size, annealed the corners and hammered them bent.

The length of the plane is 14.5 inches. The blade width is 1 3/4 inch. The blade is 1/4 inches thick, which is rare for an Indian blade. Chose this to mimic the thick japanese blades. There are a fee issues which need a few tweaks. The chip breaker still needs a bit more bend to make it a tight fit. Currently I have put a few layers of marking paper tape in the bedding which makes it tight. If you are an intermediate or expert user and want to tinker around this is a great plane for you. It will be shipped sharp and ready to use.

Price is inclusive of shipping. I use shiprocket with B2C couriers.

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