Flat Grind Buffalo Horn Straight Razor


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Vintage straight razor with no branding.

Very light and minimalistic razor. The grind of the blade is flat. Having a concave/hollow grind is easier for someone starting with straight razors. In a hollow ground blade only the dge and part of the spine is in contact with the stone/emery paper surface. This means extra pressure, which means faster results. With a flat grind the entire surface gets grinded. There is one benefit to this as well. Since there is much more metal backing the edge, the edge would not get nicked easily.

I would recommend this razor for someone who is already used to sharpening. I will ship this sharp and shave ready. If you regularly maintain this sharpness than also it won’t become a big deal.

For sharpening you would need to keep the stone surface or the sandpaper absolutely flat. For stones, the middle area gradually starts dipping as that is the area used most often. You would need to grind the stone flat using a flat metal diamond stone regularly. If there is a dip in the stone you can still sharpen the blade, but the grind will gradually get convex. This would make getting a shaving edge more difficult. This razor is sharpened and ready to shave.

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