Custom Barefeet Sandal Huaraches



I made my first pair about two years ago from a pair of oversized flip flops. First tried it for city cycling and gradually for morning runs. The sheer simplicity of it and its effectiveness blew my mind. It was as good as running barefeet. With protection from sharp pointy things. After wearing off the flip flop pair, I made one from scratch. The soles are from recycled tyres. The first time I tried one layer of the rubber which was about 6mm. For indian roads sometimes with nails or broken glass it felt a bit thin for safety. My latest one has two layers of this 6mm thick tyre rubbers, plus a layer of calf leather about 2mm thick. This leather is also from the recycled scrap market. From the scraps left after sewing of jackets and such.

The one in the picture features rivets. This causes the sole skin to callus. For my next one and for your custom orders I plan to sew the layers together.

For taking an impression of your foot place it over a new sheet of paper. Please use a fresh paper with no folds or kinks. Use a pencil or a pen to trace around the profile. From my personal experience there should be a small extra margin especially on the longer sides. When laced up these sides rise up give some extra protection from the sides. The two lower holes were the lace goes can also be in flaps, like in the picture. Please keep a ruler on the impression and take a picture from the top. This will help me take a printout in the actual size.

Update Nov 2023: I have added a new improvement to the design. Until now there was only one point of support with regards to the toes next the the first big toe. I have been using a pair with suc supports between all toes. You can see it in two of the pictures. For someone who has only worn shoes for a long time, the toes loose there individuality. This is one thing which can help in regaining that. It has only been about two months that I have been using this and I can feel each toe moving into its own space while I am wearing them. This feature is only for anyone who wants it.

Update Fen 2024: A copper piece can be put into the sole for grounding. You can choose to have this. It is beleived that this makes it energetically same as barefeet walking.

Please feel free to contact me in case of any queries. I will continue to source other thicknesses of recycled rubbers etc. Please let me know if you are looking for something in particular.


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