ol oleesh

When i was 5 we changed apartments. A nice neighbour aunty was left behind, so much so that i am not able to remember her name even. Her children where not there in their home. Mybe they were away for studies or something. So she showered all her love on me. Whenever i was there i would say ‘ol oleesh’ and she would put a spoonfull of horlicks into my mouth. The spoon would remain in my mouth till all the sweet powder dissolved and then i would repeat my signal of ol oleesh.

I still remember one of the stories she told me, of how she came close to becoming lady tarzan sheena. It seems she was also a child some ages ago. It was a winter afternoon and her mother had laid her on a mat in the courtyard in the sunshine. There were a lot of monkeys around her home. Normally they did no one any harm apart from stealing some food. But luck had that when our baby aunty was soaking the sunshine there was a she-monkey in the trees who probably had lost her child recently. So when aunty’s m other went inside for a minute, this monkey decided to adopt our baby aunty and fled with her. Luckily her mother came out hearing the baby cry and somehow the baby was recovered with only a scratch on her back.

For a long time i teased her saying that she must have looked like a baby monkey.

Why is our memory so selfish, only remembering things that interest us and dumping everything else someplace without a pointing neuron.

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