kya baat hai!!

I just saw the “Kya baat hai” on MTv. If i remember correctly, it was hosted by Cyrus earlier, and i had always admired him. Of how he could mediate a debate. He’s an expert in making a very serious situation into a comedy and getting people who were a moment ago fighting, rolling on the floor laughing.

But this episode was hosted by Rannvijay. The roadies vala vj. The point of the debate was, “Do you think, IITs are overrated?” And the basis for this debate as laid out by Rannvijay was that in a recent college ranking two IITs didn’t make into the top ten. Which in itself is a very poor basis for such a point to be made. Who did this ranking? What is their credibility?

Anyway, Rannvijay made it very obvious very clear from the beginning what he thought of IITians. What he did was go to TSEC (engineering college in mumbai), stop random students and throw them this question. “Are iits overrated?” Some said no, which even though he tried to but couldn’t change. Others were like, “they study all time, we have fun”, “you can’t judge people from a day’s performance”etc.etc. Finally he got two people to come to IIT powai to challenge IIT junta. The challenge could be anything, he said.

Meanwhile we reach IIT kanpur, inside one of it’s classroom. Where two rows of iitians take on two rows of non-iitians.
IITians:We have CNC machines…only the one machine in Asia, … wind tunnel…etc..etc..
non-iitians:thats because government doesnt give us that much funds to buy all that stuff.
IITians:iits are funded not only by the government, even it’s alumni give us huge amounts.
non-iitians:but these alumni were also created by funds from our govt some 30 years ago.
Rannvijay:the point is if we give funds to some college in patna and make it a iit..say we make 10 more iits, will these be still be good.
IITians: IIT’s pillars are it’s students and it’s faculty. the students come here after JEE. and only the very best are chosen as faculty.
non-iitian girl: iit guys hooted in a college function when a girl was dancing onstage.
iitian: women get raped in DU, at least that doesnt happe here.
Finally Rannvijay stepped in, having during the last 15 mins given comments like, ‘these are the best brains in india’ and such. He said lets decide it in the basky court. 5 ppl on both sides.
IITians won 8-4. But the non-iitians should be given credit as they were basically strangers and they did score 4 points.
Anyway I do not want to go into this debate and rip off the arguments, but i would like to go into why did MTv choose this topic?

A one day performace shouldn’t decide JEE was one of the points which kept coming up. There are other people who may even be better than those finally selected who did not perform on that day. Why did they not perform? But those who got selected did perform on that day, so they got selected. Are you asking for a series of tests. Now JEE has two papers elims and finals. What are the expenses involved in conducting JEE? What would happen to the expenses if the tests were more in number? And those who did not get into iits did get into other engg colleges. By what, some entrance test? someone who did’nt get selected in that test may give them the same argument..”one day performance”.

Funds given by government was another point. The other colleges felt they were not given enough funds. Where could our government find so much funds? They have got a limited amount of funds and a billion mouths and hands outstretched. So they prioritise. Now do they get anything out of the 4 lakhs spent on each iitian deserves another post.

And who is overrating iitians if they are being overrated. The media? The politicians? It is like going to aishwarya rai and asking her, “do you think you are overrated?” if she says yes, then it becomes a fact that she is overrated. If she says no, then she is a liar.

I am not too sentimental in this post, am i? If i am it is because of all the things we have to face. People have such views about us, please consider the following and tell me if you have heard these:
a)iitians get at least 40-50k salary in india easily.
b)just one line in your resume can get you a hundred offers, line being, ‘i am an iitian’.
c)iitians always study, they don’t have any fun.

All i have to say is, people give us a chance before naming us nerds.

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  1. inlog ko pata nahi kaise khoon choostey hai prof log. yaar magar log kaisi bhi ho, bheja kam ho ya jyada- iit ka campus can never be overrated.

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