Know it?

One of my friends used have the entire collection of some pseud encyclopedia. Some 15 volumes in all. I used to be so jealous of him. It seemed that answers to all questions could be found there. I wished I also had one of those.

And now I have, and Google it is. While it may not have all the answers, it does come close. So…what is the problem now, you ask…the problem is where are the questions? Unless there is a curiousity bug which makes me click the google search button, I won’t know the answer.

So from the very mouth of Babaji comes these wise words, ” It is more important to be aware of the questions than to know the answers.”

A rarest of rare events has occured…Babaji has opened his mouth second time in a day, he says, “If you are afraid of defending your opinion by arguing, it’s because you are afraid of finding out that it is wrong.”

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