Jhatke matke

Saw laavni for the first time live. I had seen it earlier on TV but this was something entirely different . The annual Spic macay convention is being held in our campus. Maya Jadhav a very famed artist of this field had come to perform along with her troupe.

And what a troupe. I should’nt be saying this but some of them were real beauties. And laavni as far as i understand began with the shringar rasa and that is its forte. And the women really knew the moves. i took some niiice pics ;).

After the laavni was a sufiana vocal rendition by the wadali brothers. The change was a little drastic …from the body to the spirit. Sufi music really moves my heart. Though purists may consider it as a measly stepbrother to the pure classical and categorise it as light music, i think it has more soul than most of the other styles. Most of the musical styles developed under the wings of kings and patrons. Even dance forms had either the king or few rich ppl as its primary customer. But sufi music was not intended for audience. It was not intended to be technically perfect. It was a way to reach god. When a dervesh began to sing and dance, gradually going into trance, it was a way to reach god.

THough the pure intentions of the sufi saints has been diluted but sufi music still has a component which comes from the heart.

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