Independent, Are we?

I got this pic in a mail forward. Along with a request to forward this to every indian, it had accompanying text, with words like shameful, insult, etc..etc. The poor Mr.Laloo, the universal(at least in india) punching bag.

So I ask…

Is sitting, while everybody is standing a crime?

Oh but isn’t it obvious that everybody will stand together only when the national anthem is sung.

They may have some solid reasons to be sitting. And is it really necessary to stand up to show one’s patriotism.

Oh now I remember, actually it is illegal not to stand up. A 50 year old man was recently arrested, for not standing up at a function 30 years ago.

But was he not afraid, or was he mad..? I always stand up when there are people around, only when there are people around.

But maybe he had some other reasons…maybe he wanted to protest against his country, our country. Can’t he? Or should he have planted a bomb at the function and escaped?

But he could have chosen legal ways of protest, couldn’t he? Like hunger strike or something…Oh wait thats illegal too.

Hmmmm…..So meanwhile some people define what is patriotic and what is not…you people continue to stand before every movie show, unless you get spotted by some patriotic policewala and get jailed.

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