Got a bull!

After a long internet search and pussyfooting I got myself a bullet today. My last bike was a second hand splendor, and was a lemon so to say. God save its soul, as it never gave me trouble, still I had to refill its engine oil every month. Coz its piston was nearly gone. And bullet was always like a dream vehicle for me from childhood. And the image it has with popular perception that only men with big “personality” can drive one. The thing which goes with me is its basic design, a design which can be explained in under 200 words. Also the traveller that I am could expand my wings with this. So I decided to buy a bullet. Now the first obvious choice after a second hand splendor was a new bullet. Who wanted lemons when you could have company warranty. Online research showed that bullet has more variables than that.

The models which were made in England, between 1960-70s had a heavy crank in the engine, which to a layman would mean that the engine was more flexible and could be ripped to high speeds. By flexibility, I mean that a bullet with a heavy crank can be driven in the fourth gear at very low speeds. And some of these bullets were expensive. A visit to Karol Bagh, to a shop called “Gurdial Auto Engineers”, gave me an entire different perspective. Most of its clients are embassy people (firangs), who get a second hand nearly junk (khatara) 1960s bike and restore it. After restoration some would even cost more than a lakh. Close to a new bullet.

So I decided against popular wisdom that a newbie should go for a electric start new bullet, and went for a second hand 1990 machismo. The point being, that once I am inside the bullet world (which is very close to a clique, considering many bullet owners considering all other vehicles pansy/sissy), I would be at a better position to decide. Riding it since morning, with the occasional stuck at a signal trying to kickstart, overall its been smooth. And to every guy who thinks that a bullet needs a heavy built “personality”, may rest assured that it needs none. For bullet I can say other vehicles are ridden, while bullet rides itself.

More bullet posts ahead :D.

2 thoughts on “Got a bull!”

  1. congrats yaar!
    bullet mubarak 🙂
    i rode a lambretta once and it was like riding an army tank. you feel the POWER! Bullet must surely be a bull.
    have fun dude!

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