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THere’s lots that happened since my last post. Last 15 days have been vegetative bliss. I finished watching 50 episodes of ‘Bleach’, 35 episodes of ‘Yakikate japan’, 4 seasons of ‘Scrubs’ and numerous movies. During christmas I somehow uprooted myself from my couch and landed in Goa.

Day one

Three of us, upesh, mots and me reached there on 23rd morning. Found a place in Colva beach. 400 bucks for a room double bed, no ac, no tv. Pretty ok it was. But the costs would reach 1200 on 24th and 25th they preinformed us. Upesh’s KGPian friends were to come from bangalore and hyderabad by evening.

We hired bikes. Rode to anjuna. Anjuna, coz it has some great beach shacks and very less desi crowd, and great trance music. When we reached there it was 8-9pm and i couldnt get my bearings right. So the great shack which i had discovered eluded us. We had to make do with another one. Got some beers and chips.

Now i had heard that foreigners had taken over running businesses. Here the person in charge was a lady 35ish and very graceful. From taking orders to taking away dirty plates she was everywhere. Though there were some 2-3 very tanned goan guys to help her. One of them had dyed his hair blonde. There was a projecter showing a space fantasy movie with electronic sounds playing on a cloth screen. It was very psychedelic. Mots not used to trance couldnt take it for too long and we had to leave.

After roaming around a little we found this club called ‘Club paradiso’. The entry was 300 bucks each and that wasnt even the cover charge. We dint have that much cash and had to go to Calangute to an ATM. When we came back it was 11:30. Paid the charge and went in.

There is this concrete staircase which goes down to what seems like a basement. These stairs are the entry to the club which was only apparent from the “DOUchhe DOUchhe…ching ching chawn” sound coming from it. Actually the club is built on a cliff. The dance floor was created like a den with florescent paintings and ultraviolet tubes. The music was really good trance. THe party was just getting started. From my experience i have noticed that nobody wants to go and start daning on an empty dance floor. But somebody has to start right? THese people had the ingenous idea of employing the local guys who tried their best not to look local to make some crowd. But the idea seemed to work as gradually the real crowd started getting in. 99% were firangs. And gradually these local guys slipped away. We danced around till about 3. Upesh got the hots for a angelish girl in a long white dress. But even after dancing a long time near her could only get her to say ..”Just close your eyes and dance….” That’s what trance really is, isnt it?

Day two i want to kick myself for delaying this…updating exactly a month later (today is 24/01/06)

since the next day was 24th people had started coming in droves. The room rent was going to be upped. Uppoo’s friends from kharagpur arrived and we moved into a another hotel near Panjim. Very sleepy, i slept the whole day off. Evening I went to anjuna.

Anjuna is the best place for trance music. Their is this shack at the very end of the beach. Last time I had been there it was a like all the other shacks. this time it was two storey. And all the firangs seemed to be gathered in that shack.

some of them were juggling balls. Circus stuff. One hot girl in a g string bikini and with a tattoo of a dragon running from her waist to her knees was doing tricks with a stick.
(i am bored …and cant seem to remember anything more)

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  1. Hey there kaa —

    You don’t know me; I found your blog by checking out wanderlusty.blogspot.com, going to your foto site on Flickr, and then heew!

    I’m a traveller too (just about to head off to the Middle East for a stint) and was planning on starting a travel blog for those who prefer their travel adventures to be in the comfort of their own home. I was hoping to use “wanderlusty.blogspot.com” and saw that you’d started one with that name, but it didn’t appear to be recently updated. If you aren’t using that site anymore, do you think I could take it over from you? It’s always been a running joke amongst me and mine that I’m “wanderlusty”, so…

    Please drop me a line if you’re willing. I’d be happy to link to you in exchange, and share a few wild travel tales if you’re interested! My e-mail is alethea_wandering@yahoo.com

    Happy trails —


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