Ganpati visarjan in Pune

Spent my weekend in pune. Aim of my visit was to experience the visarjan, as I had heard a lot about it. But it seems the court had put on some restrictions and the celebrations were subdued.

Anyway met a lot of friends. Met Subhash after 5 years, who was my classmate till 8th. That’s one thing good about Pune. You get to see a lot of people you know. A two wheeler is all you need to get around. There are so many old friends staying in mumbai, but the chances of meeting them by chance is very low.

So shunty and I went biking around, singing Attaulah Khan’s songs and doing crazy stuff. Here are some of the things we did:
1) Whenever a car went past us, the pillion rider used to get up and fire pistol shots with finger guns, with dhhhishkyaaon sound and all.

2) Typical roadromeo stuff like, at a signal, a nakabposh (pune’s version of talibani veil) girl behind her boyfriend on his bike, stood beside us. Shunty says really seriously, “Sheelu tu yahan kya kar rahee hai, Papa ko batana padega ab.” Which made them totally nervous, and they rode off like a bat out of hell.

3) At the petrol pump, he says, “Chal chottu 10 ka tanki full kar de.” On which the wide eyed chhotu could only stare at us.

The list could go on, but I have some work to finish.

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