Flirt guruji

Delhi is a wonderfull place for arty films, theatre and the like. The two days movie marathon at Indian Habitat Center, where I saw 6 movies in two days. After each show going out, stretching all my muscles for the next show. Getting tired after watching a lot of movies is the second best kind of tired I know. First best would be after a long trek.

And i have started driving classes. And my teacher is 5 years younger to me and casanova number one. With him telling me about his conquests with a hollering of “accelerator chhodo” in between.

While I try to get my two wheeler experience translate into the four wheeler one. Narrowly avoiding rickshaws and such. He goes on,

“yaar mere jeevan mein pata nahi poonam hi poonam aati rehti hai. Ek saal pehle ki baat hai. Poonam ke papa ka phone aata hai. Kehte hain aao sunday ghar pe. Yaar ab mein bola kyon bula rahe hain ghar pe. Vo bolte hain aa jao chai pee ke jana. Ab mein gaya sunday unke ghar. Pahuncha toh poonam ki maa bolti hai, baitho vo toh naha rahi hai. Mein baith gaya. Unki mummy chai leke aayee. Mein aur uske papa chai peene lage. Itne mein vo aati hai. Taawal lapet ke.”

F&*& i thought. What kind of stuff is he talking about. Is it really true?
He goes on,”Vo aati hai taawal lapet ke balon mein.”
OHHo..I thought.
“Aur mere bajoo mein baith jaati hai.
Mera hava gul.
Samajh mein nahi aa raha thha kya chal raha hai.
Uske mummy papa, biskut namkeen lekar khila rahe hain. Beti mere baajoo mein baithee hui hai. Mainey toh pata nahi man hi man kya kya khvaab dekh dale.”

Fir kya hua jee, i asked him.

“Fir uske papa chabi dete hain, aur bolte hain, Ja isey thoda sikha la.”
Aur mein usey 2 ghante ghumaya, india gate, CP vagera.”

Dost unhone tera bahut bada kaata hai. I told him, thoda chai vai pila ke fokat mein gadi chalani seekh gayi.

“Dost thoda katva ke zyada lene mein hi bhalai hai. Bhaisaab seekh jaao aap bhi.”


4 thoughts on “Flirt guruji”

  1. Contradiction


    Towel aur geele balon mein ladki, a typical desi fantasy courtesy hindi films :))

    PS:Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned from it Kaa..

  2. mast hai yaar. woh doosre guruji – funda wale – woh nahi mila kya kabhi? phir 1-2 ghante gapiya ke aana masala mil jaega aur hahaha

  3. Hahaha!
    That was hillarious.
    Thw world is full of such pseudo casanovas.
    As long as they are away from the reality, they enjoy the life.
    This type of romanticism is so natural; and so tender!

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