Fictional Book Covers

I have always wanted to design book covers. One way to go about it is to create an alternate cover for an already existing book. A famous book which many people have read. So it is easier to determine whether that cover captures the exact emotions of the entire book. On the other hand is to dream up a title to a fictional book, and then design its cover. I will be doing this project at least once every week, and will always keep the publisher as Baby Sloth Publishers. The image used in this cover has been taken by me, and will try to use my own pictures in the future as well.

Feedback is very welcome, and other designers are welcome to join in.

3 thoughts on “Fictional Book Covers”

  1. this is an interesting experiment Kaa ! The image of a neighbourhood, reasonably nourished, omnipresent, Indian Street Dog is definitely something which almost anyone and everyone will connect with. Interesting Title and a Matching picture !

  2. Glad that you liked it. Feel free to join in :). you could even suggest a title, which if it fancies me or somebody else, could get designed onto a cover

  3. Sometimes it comes in my head too, to imagine book covers..for my own books. Ha, I know where to go, when that chart-buster creation is ready.
    I warmly welcome this new Kaa-Avatar. I think that is a wonderful cover- the image with the title fonts and font color are harmoniously matched.

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