fan of a 14 year old

Found this Zoe girl (BHMB:), all of 14 years, who hosts her own radio show. Though she uses the word ‘cool’ way too often, I must say that for a 14 year old she has good taste in music. Though she would have to try hard not to let the success go into her head. Check out her site, they also have the recordings for download.

And talking about music, got to hear Antony and the Johnsons. Found its review on anarchytect’s blog. And in his words, it has :

“strange beautiful voice singing songs of longing and loneliness – songs that lies in the interstices of genre and gender.”

1 thought on “fan of a 14 year old”

  1. Great going Kaa, amazed with the Radio Gal’s profile.
    Other blogs are also really interesting, and one can feel like (s)he is talking to you.
    Time is short, else wanna write more.

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