Each has his quota

This is the last post of that chat. You may want to read the first, second, third and fourth posts, if you already haven’t.

Am i bombarding you with too much information. You work in IT right, …are you in sales. Good that you are not. Your body language tells me you are bored. :)..You know for every person the total amount of talk during a time interval is always about equal. I mean the amount of talk that I talk during a day is constant for me. Likewise it can be broken into smaller chunks. i.e. Mein har ek ghante mein kareeb kareeb utni hi baatein karta hoon. So if I felt you were’nt paying me that much attention, you would have eaten and left, then i would have to speak to the next person who came around. I can’t help it. Mujhe apne ek ghante ka quota khatm karna hai :).”
Yeah..and may we meet again.

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