Dream Run

There is this recurrent dream I have been having since many years. What happens is I get into a situation from where I have to run. And most of the times I forget the reasons when I wake up. What I remember is the run. Their is always a tension mingled with excitement. And when the excitement gets intolerable, my strides begin to lengthen. With each stride I jump farther and higher, until gravity completely looses it’s hold. With one last push I am in the air. And I start flying.

I can really feel the wind on my face. That is the happiest I have ever got.

After quite a few months I found some time and energy to go jogging yesterday. After the initial lose of breathe and the wooden legs, the breath fell in rhythm with the footsteps. And as always their was a song waiting in the head with the same beats as my feet which starts playing over. After this point it is pure bliss, till the point when muscles begin to cramp. It is actually ironical, huffing and puffing that is the period I feel the most relaxed.

I do not completely understand what this dream is trying to tell me, nor do I want to force myself. I am assured whenever it is time, my subconscious will tell me itself. But meanwhile, what I can do is run…..

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  1. Man been back to your blog after quiet a long while.
    Dreams sometimes get us to a stop.
    I have some dreams like i am moved out out earth , into the sky.. in a transparent box!!

    now isnt that weird?

    nice post!

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