Dog eat Dog

Its a dog eat dog world, they say these days. Do dogs eat dog, for real. I once saw a bitch killing its own puppy once when i the hairs had not sprouted on my upper lips. But through later inputs from NGC i propound lack of food for the bitch, leading to lack of milk for its pups and maybe she thought better a few healthy then a litter of sickly ones.

Continuing on the same thought, does man eat man. Yes he does. In some places in africa or the mid pacifics. Africa is not what it once was. Impenetrable forests and “wild” tribes. Researchers have gone there and we have seen there rituals sitting in our drawing rooms. So why is cannibalism abhored the way it is. As calvin puts it isnt murdering someone and not eating the flesh, a total waste.

Please let me assure you i am not a wannabe Idi Ameen. I am just trying to see if behind our present day values, there is any logic, or are they just probabilistic. Or is it an evolutionary thing. In this at least i think it is evolutionary from whatever i have seen in NGC (they should offer a diploma course). The idea is simple. Some germs are more likely to effect a particular specie. So cannibalism leads to a lot of infection. Sometimes the wiping out of a whole tribe (again NGC). So its much safer to eat other species than your own.

I wonder if the danger of infection was not there in the first place, where would we be today.

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