daulat ki chaat and parathes

I usually try to eat out on sunday afternoons. Last week was in Andhra Bhavan, veg thali and mutton curry. This week was gali parathe vali, purani dilli. Had matar, dal-aloo, mooli and kela paratha. And finished it off with daulat ki chaat. In fact it was the first time I noticed it. It’s kind of like a extremely foamy ice-cream.
As you might now, a very easy way of making ice cream is just pumping it with lots of air. A typical softie you eat might be 40% air. Also true for cheap ice creams. But the problem with this is once it melts all the air comes out as bubbles. Daulat ki chaat must use some stabilisers which ease the making and retaining of the foam at room temperatures. Here’s a pic:


Indeed from the recipe in this page, we realize that it has cream of tartar, which is a stabilizing agent.

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