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God created all creatures equal (or so i believe). But when man became the self proclaimed master and enslaved other animals, God was saddened. So he decided to create an animal which would be epitome of freedom. And he created the horse. He had dreams for this noble animal, in which he imagined it galloping in meadows.

But man’s evolved brain got the better of god and we had the races.

and after having lived in mumbai for 5 years, and having never seen the races, i was this (-) close to drown in a pint of water. but as i value my life that much I decided to grace yesterdays race at the Mahalaxmi race course yesterday.

Some key points which i learnt :-

1)the place is like a stock exchange where people can bet on races being held in other places like Hyderabad and kolkata, in real time. So a l;ot of people only sit around in front of monitors showing odds of faraway horses.

2)There are things in which other people have so much interest that one cannot imagine. There were couples of 70-80 age group poring over the racing book and betting.

3)I think i have a gambler hiding inside somewhere whose attempts of betting where thwarted successfully by me. But i do not want another duel with him.

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