AA doesn’t just stand for the highest grade in school classrooms. It also is an abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous.
It has local delhi chapters. Smriti is doing a project on alcoholism. So accompanied her as an observer at one such meeting. Very powerful experience. For those who don’t know about anonymous meetings it is such. I am creating a fictional Anonymous group called Blogaholics Anonymous. And the first ever meeting for it will be held right now, and where else but on my blog. I’ll start,
“Hi, I am kaa and am a blogaholic.”
“hi kaa”, says everyone.
A doubt here: why is it anonymous if I have to tell my name.
Anyway, “so what is the topic today” I ask.
“How to get time for your family when you have 4 different blogs” volunteers someone.
“Yeah, very good topic. Though I do not have 4 blogs, just have 2 now, still giving love and affection to a blog, replying to comments takes so much time. Maan…When I was in my initial recovery stage, it was really difficult. I posted my prayers to my prayer blog every morning and evening. Yup I had created a new prayer blog just for people like me who could then take blogging as a hobby not as a jihad. Anyway I had so much problem in the beginning, I checked for new comments from my phone even while I was driving. I got challaned 3 times due to this habit. Then one day I said to myself “””Enuff Is Enuff”””. Found the Blogaholics Anonymous number and came here. Since then I have found strength. I do blog now and then. My RSS subcribtions have come down from a 3 digit number to 2 digits. thanks for listening to me”
clap clap clap

Sorry if i offended anyone. Anonymous groups are really helpful for many people. This post was just for fun. And to create curiosity among you readers of what it is about, so that you can find a group that you need.

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