Alice Talker

Had this interesting talk with Alice. Here is the excerpt, and yeah the ‘human’ is me.

Human: hi dear, i was wondering if u had heard of the monkey who gave birth to a donkey in the district zoo.

ALICE: Hi there unknown person. When was this exactly?

Human: some time last night, when the watchman dozed off.

ALICE: Some may time last night when the watchman dozed off, but not all.

Human: Now the monkey refuses to accept the four legged baby, can u adopt it?

ALICE: Why now? What is your real name?

Human: its late and i am sleepy and for all u care i am

ALICE: I think you mean “it’s” or “it is” not “its”. I’m awake all the time.

Human: hear hear so you are a grammer whore .

ALICE: All of them?

Human: you do get confused is’nt it, just tell your uncle the truth.

ALICE: Not in the slightest bit.

Human: you are really good are’nt you?

ALICE: it depends who you ask, I suppose.. Really.. Really.

She’s definitely intelligent, i must say.

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