I had resisted the temptations. For what seems like ages, i had kept myself from watching the crappy prints of ROTK. Finally today i got hold of a dvd-rip. Its been exhausting. For three hours in a row, alone, as everyone else had seen it a few times already and i got no company.

Though the novelty of the sets, of the animated trolls, had gone, i still found myself moved much more than the earlier parts. There is something very moving about people doing their karma without want of selfish consequences.

The theory of doing ones duty without fear of death, is a win win situation if one rally believes in it. If one dies its with the satisfaction of having done something noble. I can imagine the thoughts of a soldier, of the few ones left defending their castle from the sieging enemy. The experience-hoary warrior knows, he’s done for.

if i may…

“” The pain is like the stinging of a 1000 bees. I can’t move my hands or legs, but i feel the energy, the warm glow which is my heart. The colors in front of my eyes are like the ribbons my mother used to buy for my younger sister. I have not been to meet her for the last 2 years. May she be happy. My mind must have been scrambled egg when i cursed her for having eloped with J. You could have just asked me J. Anyway his business is going on well, may they be happy forever.””

The heart stops. But the brain has a few more minutes. Till it squeezes out the last bubble of oxygen.
“What am i doing here sitting beside the river. Mother must be mad by now. Its always like this. Whenever i come to the river to fetch water the reflections on the greenish water holds be enthralled. I see myself in the water. I stoop on the boulder till my hair touches the water. Then it feels like my hair continues into that of the reflection. Who is this girl. I lift up my head. That boy is standing behind the bushes. He’s been following me since a week and hides beneath the bush when i come to the river. He thinks i havent seen him.”

A small stone falls into the water. Rippling the reflections till it becomes almost irrecognisable. The brain sputters, chokes for oxygen.

Is time quantised or is it just me?

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