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Wooden File Tray used in Gujarat Legislative Assembly


vintage wooden tray for stationery collectible with history

Sold out!

This finger jointed wooden tray is a functional antique. It is remarkable hardy considering its age. Can still be used as a tray on your worktable to put files or stationary. Apart from this it has history.

There are markings on this which make me believe itwas used in the Gujarat state assembly proceedings. “धारासभा स. न. 13” [.Dharasabha s. no. 13] & “STBK-Y-5”. From what I could find on the internet, this term was used initially after 1947 when the individual provinces were being joined into states. I could not find when the use of this term was stopped. I could fine one reference in a document from the late 1960s. Nothing later than that. This is part of what makes finding and selling collectibles and antiques fun for me. The detective like search following clues. If you know more about this please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love those discussions even if you are not interested in purchasing. This is made entirely out of teakwood with fine joinery. The finger joints are non trivial as they are in an angle. Usually I have seen them in plane or in perpendicular.

45 cm in length, 32 cm in width, about 10 cm in height.
weight is 1.6 kgs.

While it can still be used on the work table with files and sundry, its real appeal is its heritage.


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