Mahakali with her Dog



Goddess Kali began as a pure Tantric goddess. She did have her tongue out, red with blood, but there was not Shiv lying on the ground to stop her. Question is why stop her in the first place?

The following is my own interpretation from what I have read, understood and meditated upon. Kali literally means master of Time. Hence she is also the master of Entropy or Change. Thus she is the master of Life and Death. Thanks to late Goenka Ji of Vipassana who told us the meaning behind the symbols. The blood is not somebody elses, but our own subconscious impulses. When the Kali in us is not awake we unintentionally succumb to these impulses and create more of the demonic seeds. It is when we experience these impulses without reacting that is when we master change. That is when our Kali is fully awake. To do this there is no need of the conscious mind or the Shiva at all. If one trains in this method while awake, this ‘licking of demonic blood seeds, making them unable to grow and multiply’ goes on even when we are asleep. The earlier tantraic images of Kali did not have Shiva in the picture at all.

This is one such image. A pure tantric form of Kali Maa. What I find interesting is that pure tantra is suitable for atheists as well, even though with time they may grow in reverence to this whole knowledge system, iconology, etc. Not just vipassana, even Hatha yoga where one goes into difficult postures and ‘licks’ the pain, is a manifestation of that same energy.

This can be printed to get very good quality print for A4 size, in paper, canvas or framed canvas. A3 size will be decent quality.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


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