Mahakali over Shiva’s corpse poster canvas bengal school German



From the Bengal school here we have Kali ma standing on top of Shiva’s corpse. There are many versions of this picture with subtle differences. Some have Shiva with his eyes open or half open. This one has his eyes complete closed, alongwith his awkward position indicates this being a corpse. Shiva’s naga is very much alive though. He is considered a corpse here to make this form of Kali as pure manifested shakti/prakriti with zero shiv/purush. The original poster had been printed in Germany.

Some versions of this picture have a skull bowl in one of her hands to catch the blood shed. Otherwise more of the Raktabeej demon will spawn. This one has none. Blood is freely flowing onto the ground. She prefers freshly cut heads for her garland instead of skulls. The adult heads are used in the garland. Kids’ bodies are used as earrings. She uses intestines to wear a few arms as lockets. Both her left arms are engaged, one chopping off heads and one holding onto a cut off. Her right arms are in Abhaya mudra and another one in almost varada mudra. I say almost because in varada mudra the fingers are pointing downwards, while they are almost horizontal here. Her tongue is blood red, as she is consuming the blood. Her eyes are wide open, all three of them. That is why she is Kali, having mastery over Kala or time.

This can be printed to get very good quality print for A4 size, in paper, canvas or framed canvas. A3 size will be decent quality.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


A4, A3


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