Gajalakshmi, elephants with lakshmi hindu goddess digital print B



Gajalakshmi is the goddess of ‘heavy’ assets. In the ancient times elephants were kept by people who had lots of stability. Not just money but stability in terms of location, place of residence, big grassy areas to feed there elephants and so on. Only kings, noblemen or large land owners could keep elephants. In the modern times Gajalakshmi can be worshipped if one wishes heavy assets like house, private jets and so on. She is holding a lotus in each hand. Her one right hand is in the Varada mudra. The boon giving pose. Her one of the left hands is horizontal and I am not aware if that is a mudra. The elephant in the background has a garland in its trunk approaching the devi to place over her.

A digital reprint of this century old poster can be ordered on paper, canvas and framed canvas. I promise a very good quality print on A4 and a decent one on A3.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


A4, A3


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