Adi-Shakti/Ambika High Quality Digital Reprint of Antique Miniature painting


digital reprint of antique miniature painting showing Adi Shakti


She is the aspect of the devi/shakti/the feminine where the male/purush half is pushed completely backstage. This is the reason all three of the male super gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are shown bowing in respect.

She is shown using the prone male body as her pedestal. In this the male seems to have his eyes open, but only half and that too resigned. He is just a spectator. This is usually the way Bhadrakali or Kali is depicted standing on top of a reclining man, or the corpse of a man. She also carries the khadag, the wide sword, and the noose both weapons of Kali. The one who is the mistress of death. This aspect shows the feminine energy of the Shiv- Shakti duo.

The musical instrument which looks like a handy veena, must be the energy of Saraswati the consort of Brahma.

The Shankh and Pushp remind of Vishnu. The ankush or the elephant goad, is a tool to give control over anger. A tool reminding of Lord Ganesha. And Ganesha is almost pure shakti, if you don’t consider the elephant head which was the only contribution from Shiva.

This is a very unique depiction of the female energy, Shakti or Devi if you may. The size of the original source file is sufficient for a very nice quality print  in A4 size in glossy paper and over canvas cloth.



In case you think there is something incorrect in the description, please do not hesitate to contact. All that I right in the description is based on what I have read from different sources. If you have another idea about it, I would be happy to add to my knowledge.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


A4, A3


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