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Regain is the name of brand under which I shall be selling various things. These things could be as diverse as a vintage fountain pen and a meat cleaver. But all of them will have something to do with restoration, recycling or reviving old techniques and traditions. I use natural sustainable materials as far as possible.

Regain began as a clever domain name. I wanted a .in domain, and regain was available. There were a few others too. None could match the gravitas of regain. I have been blogging here on and off, since around 10 years.

After quitting full time job, regained freedom of being anywhere anytime. Off course subject to condition. Kenji Matsumoto or Kenji as he would have us call him, took me in, as an apprentice. Stayed in Auroville for two six month stints. All this while meeting interesting people, exploring yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.

I discovered that I enjoyed working with my hands and fingers and had stamina to work with hand tools. Started collecting old good quality tools at flea markets. The new ones were either too badly made or too expensive. Discovered that there is a thriving market internationally for good quality old hand tools. Restarted my practise of water color painting. Discovered indian miniatures through vintage prints from the flea market. Chinese water color and japanese wood block (ukiye e) are also inpiring. Bits and pieces might be broken, but it will always be under construction. I plan to put sections which will list regain products which are on sale anywhere, currently on Regain Art Store for Etsy and Regain Store on Ebay.
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