‘Naina’ or ‘The eyes’

NAINA is a supernatural / horror thriller directed by debutant Shripal Morakhia, releasing on May 20th. In this film,quote ” a young girl of five loses her eyesight and her parents in a freak accident in London. Twenty years later, she is bestowed with the gift of sight. Thanks to the marvels of modern science, a cornea implant brings her vision back. Her period of darkness is over… or is it?

With the implant through which her vision is restored, she starts seeing a new world hitherto unknown to mankind.” /quote

Very original, just that i have seen a the same movie without Urmila and in a different language (chinese). Its called “The eye”, what else. And its not very obscure also, as it has been dubbed in english and released in the US. And I am pretty sure no related to the movie will ever mention this. And even though there are many film magazines I wonder why they do’nt have the guts to expose them. And i am also sure if by remote possibility the director is confronted, he will probably say that he is doing a favour to the indian masses by bringing such good movie to them.

From scripts to movie names to heroine’s costumes not much can escape the copycats.


  1. Sorry to dissapoint you, but sambar is not the best thing in the world. It sucks actually. Thankfully, I dont have to have it anymore.

  2. i am not a fan of it myself …just like the idea of putting a lot of ingredients into making it 🙂

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